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15,000+ 5-star Customer Reviews

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<span>Ballet</span> Musical Treasure Boxes
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Ballet Musical Treasure Boxes

Ballerina Music Boxes are the perfect gift for any little ballet lover. Each windup music box features one of 6 different dancing ballerina settings created by Enchantmints.
<span>Horse</span> Musical Treasure Boxes
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Horse Musical Treasure Boxes

Specially designed to be cherished for years, our Horse Musical Treasure Boxes are just right for storing children's keepsakes. Horse lovers will love the beautiful water color designs.
<span>Fairytale</span> Musical Treasure Boxes
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Fairytale Musical Treasure Boxes

Our Fairytale Music Box Collection features uniquely designed, handmade music boxes for storing children's keepsakes. Each has a theme related to fairytales such as Prince & Princess and Rose Cottage.
<span>Seasons, Pets & Nature</span> Music Boxes
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Seasons, Pets & Nature Music Boxes

Nature lovers will love these brightly colored musical treasure boxes featuring watercolor designs of animals, trees, butterflies, sunshine and daisies.

Our Products Nurture A Child’s Mind, Body and Spirit

We offer comfort and well-being to young children discovering the world


Engaging images and sounds
invite pretend play


Artful creations invite curiosity
and creative thinking


Children find delight and
excitement with Enchantmints


Play that is gentle on the senses
encourages kind behavior


Pleasing themes and scenes are gentle on the senses

Love of nature

Images of animals and the natural world cultivate a sense of wonder

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Our Mission

Our mission to support the wholesomeness of childhood is fulfilled by working with original artists and art from which the products are developed.

Our Philosophy

We want to enhance the existence of a world full of imaginative play and curiosity, for this leads to healthy development.


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